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Like the beginning of an exciting relationship, we head in with purpose and ambitious thoughts of the future. Could this [degree] be the one? Fast forward and cue the tiny violin. We often find that expectations and reality are not a perfect match. That dream job you thought you'd move in with? Yea, it's, uh, seeing someone else. Awkward much? Think of how you might have chosen differently had you paid attention to those red flags: all the unemployed college grads that came before you. Let's face it; perhaps it's time to dump that...degree. The good news is, you've landed on this book filled with wisdom and action steps by an author who has years of experience being both the student and the professor. Whether you're an emerging professional or parent, student or recent grad, Dump Your Degree is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking guidance on navigating higher education, developing their career, and having financial security. You'll learn how to: Correctly set the educational and professional goals Get the right advice about making career decisions Explore viable options outside of your degree field Build beneficial and meaningful professional connections Make and manage money And much more The result: A sense of fulfillment, stability, and freedom!
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