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DIRTY — DARK— SEXY _______________________________________________________________________ Written for readers who like their erotica with a side of: BDSM, rough play, spanking, degradation, and humiliation. _______________________________________________________________________ Do you like reading stories where ... Women are dominated by possessive alphas? Brats are punished by rough men? And bad girls are taught to please? If yes ... this short story is for you! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Description For the past year, Lila has been working as a dancer to pay the bills. 6 months ago, a mysterious man who went by G started to visit Lila regularly. G isn't like Lila’s other clients. He's handsome, polite, and most strangely—not into her. The only problem? Lila is into G. One night, G comes to visit Lila and Lila can sense right away that something's off. There's something different about G. Something wilder. Less controlled. The new G is bold and all over Lila. Lila has no idea what's changed, but hey—she's not complaining. There's more to G's erratic behavior than Lila knows. Much more. And once Lila knows? All bets are off. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: This is book #4 from the "Possessive Alpha' series
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