A Stranger in the Night by Kristy Centeno


Malakai is a Sentinel. Immortal, lost, lonely.

Haunted by a cruel past, Malakai lives for the day he gets to reunite with his long, lost love. One night and a chance encounter with a woman with familiar golden-brown eyes gifts him with the opportunity he's waited centuries for. But not all is as it seems.

Carmen is the spitting image of the woman he once gave up everything for. Unfortunately, she's not the person he remembers. A mortal with little memories of the history they shared, her unexpected arrival can only mean one thing: a trap.

Years of running from his servitude to the Abyss, Malakai is pushed against a rock and a hard place. Give up his freedom to save the woman he loves or lose her to the Custodians of the Abyss.

He sacrificed his very soul for her once, but a cruel twist of fate brought them together again. With tragedy looming over the horizon, his only hope lies in conceding to the Custodian's demands. But will it be enough this time? Or will their ill-fated reunion end in more heartbreak?

A Stranger of the Night is a paranormal romance novella with no HEA.

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