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Having run the gauntlet of Thanksgiving with her family in Pennsylvania, and while licking her wounds in the snow-covered city of Montreal, Claudia Portneuf learns that an evil force is spreading terror in La Belle Province of Quebec.As her luck would have it, Claudia soon finds herself a prime target. Will she and her friends learn enough about the hidden world of magic to make it to New Year's?What is this series about?It's a collection of thrilling adventures in a world of the paranormal, with mythical creatures, ancient beings, and dangerous enemies. Each book is a fast-paced and suspenseful story from the viewpoint of a smart and snarky woman with a dark and tragic backstory. While romance is definitely part of Claudia's story from time to time, it's not the main thing in her life; what is a bigger part of her adventures are the new friendships she forms as she travels the world as a digital nomad.
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