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You don't know anything about puppies, but are still looking to adopt one? Are you afraid that it might grow to be disobedient and unhappy, and wonder how you could get past that with confidence? Do you want to understand how puppies think to mold yours into a loyal and happy furry friend – one that people will admire as you take an evening walk with them? If you answered YES, keep reading… This puppy training book will teach you everything you need to know about the psychology of puppies and guide you as you take care of and train yours to be your true furry friend! There is no denying that puppies look cute. And this explains why most people want to hold one and take them home with them – to play with them, get the kids a furry friend to play with, and much more. However, no one talks about how much work goes into taking care of puppies to turn them into adorable dogs that make even people who don’t like dogs consider adopting a dog. So, where do you start? How exactly do you take care of a puppy – what do they need, and what should you protect them from? What dos and don’ts MUST you follow if you want to increase the odds of your puppy making it to adulthood? When do you start training the puppy, and what should you train them on? Are there rules that you should follow? How do you increase the success of your training sessions for your puppy? Can you do it all alone, or do you need to hire a professional at some point? If you have these and other related questions, this dog training book is for you. So keep reading, as it will address them all using simple, encouraging language to help you navigate the process of owning a puppy and taking care of them the right way. In it, you will find: How to introduce and acquaint your puppy with your home How to understand its thinking and how to teach it to trust you Daily lesson plans on how to potty train your puppy Crate training basics, including why you need one, how to choose the right crate, and how to crate train your puppy What to do if it starts whining in a crate The benefits of socializing a puppy, when to do it and how to do it How to address the most common problematic puppy behavior How to teach your dog 5 basic commands How to take good care of your dog and when to seek help And much more! The dog you had before (if any) or the one you saw at your friend’s place is very different from the one you will adopt, and for you to get everything right, you need guidance from this puppy training book. But even if you feel inadequate about taking care of your puppy and training them to be your true furry friend, this puppy training book will reveal everything you need to know to excel at it! Ready to watch your little pup transform into a healthy, respectful, and loving dog? Scroll up and click Buy Now to get your copy!
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