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The game of love isn't really a game... It's a system with a code – and with the right guidance, you can attract any woman you want. Every successful entrepreneur knows that having a vision is key to success. Bill Gates himself says your vision should far exceed your current status quo… and this advice should be given to men for all areas of life – not just business and careers. Try to blindly follow other men’s rules, and you’re not going to reach your full potential – and that’s true in love and sex too. You need your own vision. You need to be a leader in all areas of your life… And that’s the secret to getting the woman of your dreams. It all comes down to 6 areas of focus, all covered by the IPA*CE system. These 6 areas and how you express them determine your status, your leadership qualities, your power with people… and your sexual magnetism. Combine them with a clear vision, and you have everything you need to win the woman of your dreams – and inspire her to want you in the way you desire. Being a success with women is essentially being an effective leader: You will inspire her to believe in you and nurture her genuine desire to please you. The 3 key systems in this guide will help you cultivate that leadership, drawing on the power within you to attract women without deception. Inside, you’ll discover: The 3 Ps – how these simple ideas will help you shape your vision and your romantic and sexual experience The subconscious barriers in your own mind that are stopping you from attracting any woman you want The IPA*CE system explained – allow these 6 areas of focus to make you into the lover she’s only ever dreamed of Tips for practicing IPA*CE in a non-sexual way (make sure you’re top of your game when Miss Gorgeous comes along) How deception is your enemy (and who you’re really deceiving when you hold back) The root of your fear in approaching women (know this, and you’ll be ready to kick it to the curb) How to approach a woman with style and confidence ‘Excuse me cutie’ (No, you don’t need to say it) – Discover the secret to a successful interaction with a new woman through this easy-to-remember phrase The secret all women are hiding – and how to get past societal pressures to unlock it for the ultimate pleasure for both of you Using the ACT acronym to tailor your romantic behavior for success The master, partner, lover gradient… and why you need to know about it How to increase your testosterone for a higher sex drive and superior sexual prowess Bedroom tips that will make you into the best lover she’s ever had And much more. Success with women starts inside you. It’s having a clear vision and ending the deception you work on yourself without even noticing. No matter how lacking your love life has been in the past, you have the power to turn yourself into a man with James Bond magnetism, and the ability to attract – and win over – any woman you want. Become a leader, a lover, and the man all women want in their bedroom: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.
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