First Impression Friday – The Way Of All Flesh – Ambrose Parry

First Impression Friday is hosted by Joe – Storeys of Stories! The aim of the meme is to talk about a book that you’ve just started. Based on what you have read so far, discuss your first impressions. Then, when you have finished the book, look back at your First Impressions post and see if your predictions were correct!

This week, I’ve started reading The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry.

It’s set in Edinburgh, 1847, which is the main reason I requested this book. My Mum is Scottish and where I live there is a HUGE Scottish influence and I LOVE Edinburgh. It’s by far the best city I’ve ever been to. So, I just had to request it. The ‘Old Town’ part of Edinburgh is exactly how it was back in 1847, so knowing that this book would be set in an area that I’ve visited so often was a huge attraction for me.

I’m only 30 pages in and I’m loving it. So far, we’ve encountered one dead prostitute who has met a grisly end and you can just tell that it’s going to get worse. Also, Dr Simpson is one of the characters…I studied the history of medicine in school, so the geeky side of me is loving it.  

The doom and gloom of Edinburgh in 1849 has sold me already. I love all the detailed descriptions of Old Edinburgh and the fact that I’m so familiar with the area makes it so easy to lose myself in the story. 

Rating Prediction: At least 4/5!!

2 thoughts on “First Impression Friday – The Way Of All Flesh – Ambrose Parry

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  1. This kind of sounds awesome. I’ve been someone obsessed with Scotland since doing a bunch of a research for something I wrote set there. Everything I was looking at was in and around Inverness-shire, though.

    Thanks for another great FIF post!


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