First Impression Friday: Suicide Club – Rachel Heng

First Impression Friday is hosted by Joe – Storeys of Stories! The aim of the meme is to talk about a book that you’ve just started. Based on what you have read so far, discuss your first impressions. Then, when you have finished the book, look back at your First Impressions post and see if your predictions were correct!

This week, I’ve started reading Suicide Club by Rachel Heng and the premise is BLOWING MY MIND.

It’s set in the future, where people can live up to 300 years old and most people are obsessed with immortality. and the pursuit of immortality is all-consuming—Lea must choose between her estranged father and her chance to live forever.

The main character, Lea, is a ‘Lifer, which means that she could potentially live forever, if she takes care of herself. She works as a trader on the New York exchange…. butt hey don’t buy and sell stocks… they buy and sell human organs. So yeah…the premise of this book is amazing.

I’m only on the first chapter and already a man has killed himself by drinking petrol and setting himself on fire because he doesn’t want to live until he’s 150 plus. So yeah…. it sounds awesome. 

I’m hoping that this book will be a high rating! I’m a bit concerned that I have no idea how far in the future this is set. That’s a big deal for me because I love context. So, I’ll need to wait and see! 

Rating Prediction: At least 4/5!!

2 thoughts on “First Impression Friday: Suicide Club – Rachel Heng

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  1. This does sound good!
    I saw some other reviews complaining about the lack of world building, but hopefully there will be some more explanation about when this is all happening.


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