Monthly Update


Hiiiiiiii there! A few of my favourite blogs do a weekly/monthly update and I really enjoy reading them, so I’ve decided to start doing it. My life isn’t that exciting to warrant doing a weekly update, so I’ll stick to doing it monthly for now!

Life Update

This month has been MANIC. It was my wedding on the 2nd June. I’ve spent the whole year prior to that planning for this one day. I’m not going to lie…. I absolutely hated planning it. I’m a perfectionist with things like that, so even if something minor went wrong, I would have a full on breakdown. So yeah, I’m so glad I don’t need to do it again!


Following the wedding, it was our honeymoon. We went to Nashville (We’re big country music fans and you don’t get much of it in the UK, so this was AMAZING), Miami and the Bahamas.

Normally when I go on holiday I end up going through books SO quickly. So, in anticipation of my honeymoon, I downloaded all of my NetGalley ARCS to my Kindle, thinking that I would get round to reading them all while I was away. HAHAHAHAH. I was so wrong. I didn’t even turn my Kindle on for the whole trip.

See the source image

I did read a book while I was away though.. (I’m still reading it…. It’s freaking huge. Think A Little Life but bigger). I’ve been reading Sapiens and it’s honestly blowing my mind. I’m not going to bother reviewing it when I’m done because I have NO idea on where to start with reviewing a book that charts the history of humans…. Yeah, I’ll pass on that. Just trust me…. It’s amazing. Go read it.

On another note… I found out today that I’ve won tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on stage in London next Saturday, so that’s really brightened up my Friday!
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Books I Read This Month

This month wasn’t a total write off. I did manage to finish 2 books.


If I’m being honest, this book was a bit of a let down. It was all just a bit too far fetched. It wasn’t all bad though. I managed to finish it so there is that!

I finished this book on Wednesday but I haven’t posted my review as of yet. But I will say this….. this book is amazing. It kinda reminded me of ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven’ and I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t like that book. So yeah… it was good. REALLY good. 

Next Month..

Next month I have to get through all the ARCS that I downloaded! 
Most of them are crime/thrillers… which is my favourite genre… but I’m in a massive slump with it at the moment. So, I’m looking forward to being able to read more of different genres once I’ve waded my way through my ARC backlog 😀 

Have a great weekend guys!


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