Book Review: Copycat – Alex Lake

2 Stars

Blurb: Your stalker is everywhere.
CopycatYour stalker knows everything.
But the real problem is that your stalker is you.

Sarah Havenant discovers–when an old friend points it out–that there are two Facebook profiles in her name.

One, she recognizes: it is hers. The other, she has never seen. But everything in it is accurate. Recent photos of her and her friends, her and her husband, her and her kids. Even of her new kitchen. A photo taken inside her house. She is bemused, angry, and worried. Who was able to do this? Any why?

But this, it soon turns out, is just the beginning. It is only now–almost as though someone has been watching, waiting for her to find the profile–that her problems really start…

One of Sarah’s old school friends sends her a message on Facebook, asking which account is hers. Naturally, this leaves Sarah confuses.. because she only has one account. But she soon finds out that there is another account in her name, which includes pictures of Sarah, her husband, her kinds and pictures taken inside her house. Sarah brushes it off as a stupid prank. But when the fake account sends her a friend request, things only get worse and Sarah begins to suspect everyone.

I was SO excited to finally get around Copycat. It sounded awesome and the opening was promising, however, there was little suspense. The characters lacked depth and by a quarter of the way through I had figured out who it was. I don’t know if that’s because I read too many crime/thriller books….. but when you manage to figure out ‘whodunnit’ before the big reveal, it’s SO disappointing.

Overall, Copycat was underwhelming. It was predictable, and the plot dragged towards the end. If you’ve read a lot of crime/thriller books, you could probably guess how it ends. I’ll be honest, I skim read the last 50 odd pages because it was just becoming so predictable.

This is the first time I’ve read anything by Alex Lake so I can’t comment on her other work. Whilst Copycat was disappointing, I’ve heard good things about her other books so I’m not avoiding her just yet!

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