First Impression Friday – The Caller

Another week of work complete, which means it’s Friday….. which means it’s time for First Impression Friday.

First Impression Friday is hosted by Joe – Storeys of Stories.

The aim of the meme is to talk about a book that you’ve just started. Based on what you have read so far, discuss your first impressions. Then, when you have finished the book, look back at your First Impressions post and see if your predictions were correct!

This week I’ve started reading The Caller by Chris Carter.

My friend bought me this book for Christmas and it’s been sat on my book shelf ever since. I’ve been desperate to read it but I had a few ARCs to get through. I’ve finally found time to read it and I can’t wait to get stuck in to it!

The Caller: THE #1 ROBERT HUNTER BESTSELLER by [Carter, Chris]

I know this book will be a 5/5 rating from me because all of Chris Carter’s books are AMAZING! Be warned though, they’re not for the faint hearted. In fact, some parts of his books have made me feel physically sick to the point where I have to put the book down to have a bit of a break. Despite that, he’s one of those authors that I just can’t get enough of. I’d love to go for a drink with him and just chat about his books all night.

Rating prediction: 5/5 for sure!!

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