Top 5 Tuesday – Reasons Why I Blog

Happy Tuesday guys! This is a good Tuesday for me because it’s my last working day of the week because I jet off to New York tomorrow. Hallelujah!

But before I do that, I’m taking part in my favourite tag… Top 5 Tuesday, which is hosted by Shanah (The Bionic Book Worm). This week the topic is 5 Reasons Why You Blog.

I had been toying with the idea of blogging for a while before I started ‘The Girl With All The Books’, but I didn’t know what to blog about. I didn’t want to start a blog without having an idea of what to post about, because that would be pointless.

I sat down and thought about what I do a lot of and what I enjoy (work in the Finance industry (boring, no one would want to read about that, me included), gym (again, not overly exciting), currently planning my wedding for June 2018 (which stresses me to the max, so I wouldn’t even want to blog about it). Then the idea of ‘The Girl With All The Books’ came to me… So, here are the reasons why I blog.


I know procrastination is bad, but hear me out! Due to the nature of my career, I had to take a lot exams on subjects that are SO boring (Investments, Pensions, Financial Regulation.. you get the idea). I was supposed to be revising for an Investment exam the day I set up The Girl With All The Books…oops.
Logging into my blog and reading other people’s posts breaks up my working day and my study time. Which is always a godsend. So thank you all for doing your bit in keeping me sane.

Personal Space

I wanted a little place of my own on the internet to talk with other book lovers. Me and my fiance are both big readers, but the type of books that we read are so different. So, it’s nice to be able to connect with other people who like the same books as me.


Since starting The Girl With All The Books, I have added so many books to my ‘To Be Read’ list. Without my blog, there is a chance that I might not have heard about these books. Or if I did, it would probably be after the hype of them being released after a million people have read them. Due to my blog, I have been able to go in blind with some books, which makes SUCH a difference.


All the bloggers I have interacted with are SO nice. The internet can be a cruel place, but I’ve never had a bad experience. I love reading other people’s tags (especially the Top 5 Tuesday one) as it gives you an idea of what other bloggers are about. I also love logging in to my blog to see what people from all over the world have stumbled across my little space on the internet.

Everyone is just so supportive. There isn’t any competitiveness because we’re all just doing our own thing and we respect that.

Free Books

Okay, this isn’t why I started my blog. But the day that I came across NetGalley was THE best day ever. I still spend quite a lot on books. But free books are always a winner, especially when you’ve got a wedding to pay for!


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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Reasons Why I Blog

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  1. Hey! I totally agree on having a personal space on the internet to talk about books- that’s exactly how I feel! Isn’t it nice that during the whole day you have to act like a normal, unobsessed person and then you come home and unleash your nerd on your blog. Or, well, that’s what I do haha.


  2. Great list and congrats on the upcoming wedding! So exciting!! And I’m glad this is a place where you can escape your life (studying and working) – books are a great distraction and adventure when your life seems anything but exciting lol
    Thanks for sharing your reasons!


  3. THE RECOMMENDATIONS! I totally should have included that in my list! Before jumping into this blogosphere I found it so hard to find a good recommendation. Now I have way too many, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


      1. Ha! Can’t believe I fell for that one. Just had a quick Google search and it sounds awesome!

        Have you heard of The End Of The World Running Club? It sounds like the kind of book you would enjoy 🙂 (If you read it and end up hating it, please don’t hate me haha)

        Liked by 1 person

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